Misericordia University ABSN Prerequisites

The Misericordia ABSN program is accredited and proudly offers our students the chance to earn a high-quality nursing education. However, the accelerated nature of the program requires students to have a firm academic foundation to be successful. To gain acceptance into our accelerated nursing program, you first must complete each of the prerequisites below with a “C” grade or higher.

Any retakes of a failed (i.e. grades of “C-” through “F”) prerequisite course are not permitted, and the candidate is considered ineligible for nursing admission. A withdrawal (W) is not considered a failure; a student with a W may apply for admission.

While Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I, and Anatomy and Physiology II must have been completed within the past 7 years of your enrollment date, these biology prerequisites can be taken online through Misericordia. Those who enroll in these courses will gain valuable experience within our online learning platform, preparing you for the online accelerated nursing coursework.

Science PrerequisitesCredits
Introduction to Microbiology*4
Anatomy and Physiology I*4
Anatomy and Physiology II*4
Fundamentals of Nutrition3
General PrerequisitesCredits
Basic Statistics3
Introduction to Psychology3
Child and Adolescent Psychology3
Comparative Sociology3

* Grade date cannot exceed 7 years.

Advance Standing Transfer Student Policy

Students who have earned 60 or more transferable credits are ineligible to enroll in a community college course while being admitted to Misericordia University. If you’re an advance standing transfer student, you must complete all community college courses prior to submitting an application file for admission to Misericordia, or complete any remaining required course at Misericordia or another regionally accredited bachelor degree-granting institution.

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