On-Site Nursing Simulation Labs

As a student in our ABSN program, you’ll come to our dedicated nursing education center in Pittsburgh, PA to participate in various nursing skills and nursing simulation labs.

Here, under the guidance of experienced faculty, you’ll learn how to apply the theories and concepts you studied during the online coursework.

Best of all, you get to practice your nursing skills in an advanced setting that replicates the clinical environment, which means you get to feel what it’s like to be a nurse, but without the fear of putting a patient’s safety at risk.

Nursing Skills Lab

ABSN student with sim manikin

During your accelerated BSN skills labs, you’ll be able to hone your clinical abilities using advanced hospital equipment and medical supplies.

More specifically, you’ll practice the following core nursing skills on a clinical task trainer or full-body manikin:

  • Catheterization
  • Nasogastric (NG) tube insertion
  • Physical assessment
  • Taking blood pressure, pulse, and respirations
  • Wound care

Labs are also available outside of course-related use for you to practice your skills.

Nursing Simulation Lab

Experiences you’ll have during your nursing simulation labs are about as close to real-life clinical situations as you can get — just swap out real patients with computerized medical manikins. Here, you’ll have the chance to practice realistic patient care skills and learn valuable problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in context without fear of harming patients.

As a student in our ABSN program, you’ll take part in a variety of simulated scenarios, each supporting a different learning objective. Early simulations focus on the basics of nursing; later ones are more complex and require you to hone your clinical judgment.

After each simulation, you’ll participate in a debriefing with faculty and classmates to break down what happened during the scenario. These sessions serve as an invaluable component of your nursing education, as they encourage open reflection in a judgment-free setting where you can learn from your mistakes.

Contact us to learn more about the nursing skills and nursing simulation labs inside our nursing education center in Pittsburgh.

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