Online Accelerated Nursing Program Coursework

Our online accelerated nursing program coursework builds the foundation for the essential nursing concepts you’ll need to know for other parts of the program — and in your future nursing career. Our online learning platform allows for flexibility in your schedule, as you get to choose when and where you learn.

ABSN student studying with book and laptop

Deadlines for assignments and exams still apply, but the online platform gives you the option to “attend class” when it works best for you. Plus, if you missed something the first time in a video-based lesson, you can always rewind, restart, or pause whenever needed.

While our online accelerated nursing program courses allow you to study from anywhere — at any time — you should be ready to dedicate a significant amount of time to your studies every week. After all, these courses lay the groundwork for the nursing skills you’ll hone during hands-on skills and simulation labs at our nursing education center and clinical rotations at top area hospitals and clinical agencies across metro Pittsburgh.

Online Learning Environment

Through our online accelerated nursing program, you’ll complete a majority of your nursing coursework through Canvas, an interactive, collaborative e-Learning platform that allows you to:

  • Read and listen to nursing coursework material.
  • Watch video content that visually introduces nursing concepts.
  • Participate in simulated learning activities using interactive learning objects.
  • Complete and/or upload course assignments.
  • Interact with instructors and other students via scheduled chat sessions and a discussion forum.

Benefits of Online Coursework

We understand students learn and retain information in different ways. That’s what makes the online component of our blended learning model so valuable.

No matter your learning style — visual, aural, tactile, or social — we designed Misericordia University’s online accelerated nursing coursework to help immerse you in subject material and retain important nursing concepts through various forms of media.

Far from just staring at a computer screen, our online learning platform comprises discussion board exercises and interactive learning objects including video and task-based simulations to help you learn. For example, you may come across a matching activity that requires you to drag and drop an organ into its proper location within the human body.

Support Resources

Even though you complete nursing theory courses online, you aren’t alone when working through your online accelerated nursing coursework. As a student in our ABSN program, you have access to the same resources as Misericordia University’s on-campus students.

The dedicated nursing instructors who oversee your online accelerated nursing coursework are readily accessible with 24-hour technical support available. You can reach out to online learning specialists if you have any technical questions about the learning management system.


What is blended learning?

Our 16-month nursing program follows a rigorous sequence of online accelerated nursing coursework, hands-on skills and simulation labs and proctored exams at our nursing education center, and clinical experiences at diverse health care facilities in and around Pittsburgh.

If coursework is online, can I complete the program from anywhere?

No, only nursing theory courses are online. Our online-based ABSN program requires on-site skills labs, simulations and clinical rotations. It follows a continuous curriculum that you will complete at the same time as your peers. It also requires you to come to our nursing education center in Pittsburgh a few times a week to complete nursing skills and simulation labs as well as go to health care facilities for clinicals.

Contact us to learn more about how our online accelerated nursing coursework readies you to enter the workforce as a practice-ready nurse.

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