Relocating for Nursing School: Why You Should Make the Move

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Relocating for nursing school offers advantages, including beginning school sooner, learning in thriving health care facilities, and building valuable connections. Moving to Pittsburgh for Misericordia’s ABSN program is wise, for Pittsburgh has a low cost of living plus innovative hospitals, expansive parks, varied arts events, and engaging sporting events.

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Relocating for nursing school may seem overwhelming at first, but it offers many advantages worth considering. You may be able to get into a nursing program sooner, and you can also become educated and make connections in a city with an innovative health care community.

Relocating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can provide many lifestyle benefits sure to entice you. Are there any nursing programs in Pittsburgh, especially any online nursing programs in Pittsburgh? Yes! At Misericordia University’s hybrid Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, you can earn a BSN in as few as 16 months.

Let’s dive into the benefits of relocating for nursing school, then we’ll cover the specific benefits of making Pittsburgh your new home.

3 Reasons Relocating for Nursing School is a Good Idea

Moving to another city for to earn a BSN has numerous benefits because of the enriching experiences that are possible in a new city. Let’s cover a few of the key reasons to consider moving out of state for an ABSN program.

1. You May Be Able to Start Right Away

Getting into an accelerated nursing program can take time, and even when you are accepted, many schools have long waitlists. Rather than sitting around and waiting, by relocating to a program like Misericordia’s ABSN program in Pittsburgh, you can start sooner.

Our ABSN program has the advantage of no waitlists, and we also offer three start dates each year — January, May, and August — which means you can start at a time that works best for you.

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If you want more information about what makes a quality nursing program, read our blog that discusses what to look for in your ideal program.

2. You Can Become Immersed in a Medical Epicenter

Moving to a thriving city with a strong medical footprint will benefit your education and career as a nurse. It makes a difference where you get your BSN because the more diverse clinical experiences you have during school, the better educated nurse you’ll become. If you’re from a small town or a city without a major medical community, the chance to learn in a large, medically equipped city can benefit your future as a nurse.

Choosing to attend an accelerated nursing program in a city with high-quality medical centers means you’ll have a chance to rotate at the top regional health care facilities. You will also have more access to research and innovation in nursing and health care. Furthermore, being in a medical epicenter like Pittsburgh provides an ideal place for you to work as a nurse after you finish a 16-month ABSN program.

3. You Can Make New Connections

Relocating for nursing school has the benefit of giving you new medical connections and opportunities that may not be available back home. You can make a positive impression during clinicals, and these can benefit your nursing career.

When it comes time to look for jobs, you will have the advantage of being connected to the top regional medical centers. Also, your classmates and instructors you meet during your education will become friends and mentors for years to come. They can vouch for you and your skills as a nurse. Having people in your corner is valuable.

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5 Benefits of Moving to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a gem of a city for relocating for nursing school because of its affordability and quality health care facilities. Pittsburgh is ranked No. 11 of the best cities for young professionals, according to Niche, so it’s a perfect place to begin your career.

By moving to this bustling, thriving city, you can also take advantage of its charm in your free time. With a metro population of about 2.3 million people, according to Census Reporter, Pittsburgh offers no shortage of cultural, culinary, and sporting experiences to enjoy.

1. Affordable Cost of Living

Pittsburgh has a lower cost of living than the national average. Compared to a city like Chicago or Miami, which have costs of living well above national average, Pittsburgh provides a more financially wise lifestyle. As a student, it’s important to be conscious of whether moving for an ABSN program will work with your financial plan.

Because Misericordia’s ABSN program is in Pittsburgh, you can reap the financial benefits of the move. The average rental prices for apartments are affordable. With a median rent of $958, more than $100 lower than the national average, according to Niche, you can save money while earning your degree.

2. High Quality Healthcare Facilities

Pittsburgh has more than 40 hospitals, and the top medical centers in Pittsburgh are well-known for leading research and innovation. Pittsburgh was the first city to perform beating heart transplants, and the city still performs the most live-donor liver transplants in the United States.

The city is also invested in children’s health, as shown through the city’s pediatric research hospital, which is a nationally ranked specialty hospital with Magnet recognition for nursing excellence.

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3. Ample Outdoor Space

If you are a nature-lover, Pittsburgh is a perfect spot to explore. The city has numerous wooded parks, including a 259-acre park, Riverview Park, which contains picturesque trails for hiking.

Our ABSN program is located near the Settler’s Cabin Park, which is a 1,589-acre wooded park. The neighborhood also has trails on the Montour Trail, a 335-mile trail that stretches from Pittsburgh all the way to Washington, D.C. Other parks in the city include the 257-acre Emerald View Park, the 644-acre Frick Park, the 456-acre Schenley Park, and the urban Highland Park, which houses a zoo and aquarium.

If being outdoors is your vibe, you’ll never get bored with all the greenspace in Pittsburgh.

4. Thriving Arts and Cultural Scene

For the arts and culture connoisseurs, Pittsburg has a variety of engaging shows, museums, and festivals. The city is home to art museums like Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, and the Mattress Factory Museum.

The city has theatre and opera productions, symphony concerts, and ballet performances. Pittsburgh also has a robust social schedule, including the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival, the Pittsburgh Marathon, and the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

5. Sophisticated Culinary Experiences

Pittsburgh offers a top-tier culinary life, yet another advantage of relocating for nursing school. The city has a wide array of high-quality restaurants of all styles. Some of the best restaurants in the city include:

  • Fine Dining:
    • Spork – chef-owned restaurant with pastas and meats
    • Casbah – long-standing Mediterranean kitchen
    • Alta Via – modern, wood-fired Italian
    • Apteka – European, vegan fare
  • Asian Influence:
    • Chengdu Gourmet – Chinese
    • Everyday Noodles – Taiwanese
    • Mola - sushi
  • Wood-Fired:
    • Fig & Ash – upscale comfort food with a wood-fired grill
    • Della Terra Italian Bistro – pasta and wood-fired pizza
    • Gaucho Parrilla Argentina – wood-fired Argentinian
  • Brewpubs:
    • Independent Brewing Company + Hidden Harbor – sandwiches and brews
    • Strange Roots Experimental Ales – brewery that highlights local ingredients
    • Cinderlands Foederhouse – craft beers with a tasty food menu
    • Dancing Gnome Brewery – pale ales and IPAs
  • Lunch Spots:
    • Driftwood Oven – pizzas, sandwiches, salads, bagels
    • Ladybird’s Luncheonette – sandwiches and cakes
    • Mediterra Café – family-run Mediterranean café and bakery

Our list was adapted from Pittsburgh Magazine, so for a more extensive list of some of the best eats in Pittsburgh, check out their recommendations.

6. Engaging Sports Scene

If you’re a sports fan, then relocating for nursing school in Pittsburgh will be a dream. You will be able to attend games for several star American teams. The city boasts multiple national teams, including:

  • Football: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Hockey: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Soccer: Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Pittsburgh also organizes sports participation leagues for the community, such as the Pittsburgh Sports League, where people can play coed basketball, football, soccer, tennis, bowling, and more.

Learn More About Relocating for Nursing School

If you’d like to get started with launching your nursing career, then Misericordia’s ABSN program in Pittsburgh is a perfect place. We offer a top-level ABSN program for students with 60 college credits or a prior non-nursing bachelor’s degree.

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We are excited to educate you with the skills and knowledge to be an excellent nurse. Contact our admissions counselors to learn more about how to begin.