6 Nursing School Admissions Tips

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Nursing school admissions committees are looking for qualified students who have compassion, empathy, and a passion for helping people. Nursing schools look for applicants that have a strong educational background, can meet requirements correctly and on time, and demonstrate dedication to their studies.

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Getting into a nursing program can seem a tricky course to navigate. At the Misericordia University Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, we try to take some of the mystery out of the process. If you’ve ever wondered, “What do nursing programs look for in applicants?” this is a blog you won’t want to miss.

Below, we outline what exactly nursing school admissions committees are looking for in applicants and how you can make yourself stand out on your journey of getting into an accelerated nursing program that will set you up for future career success.

1. Demonstrated Academic Ability

Misericordia’s accelerated nursing program is for motivated individuals with a strong educational background. To be eligible for the program, you must hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree or have completed a minimum of 60 credits from a regionally accredited institution. This shows us that you attended a school with high standards and that you took your time there seriously.

You’ll also need to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, plus you’ll need to complete all prerequisite courses within the specified grade requirements. We’ll look at this in more detail in the next step.

Students who have failed a required nursing course or been academically dismissed from a previously attended nursing program do not qualify for our program.

2. Successful Completion of Prerequisite Courses

Students entering the Misericordia ABSN program should be well-versed in both math and science. Your success in a nursing program and the profession depends on having this kind of background knowledge. The ABSN prerequisite courses, which cover microbiology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and chemistry, must be passed with a grade of C or above. The prerequisite courses are a crucial component wherever you apply because nursing school admissions committees seek students who have a solid understanding of the necessary course material.

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3. Dedication and Commitment to Education

Being enrolled in an accelerated nursing program such as the one Misericordia offers is demanding. It will require most of your time and energy. Our ABSN program must be treated as your number one priority — certainly above any social events or trips. We encourage you to regard the ABSN program as a full-time job, and we do not recommend working while you are enrolled in the program.

For these reasons, it will work in your favor to demonstrate to the admissions team that you are willing and ready to take on this challenge and dedicate yourself to the 16-month program.

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It’s true that our ABSN program is rigorous and requires a lot of time and dedication. Before you decide on pursuing your nursing education, find out why an accelerated nursing program is worth it.

4. Identify With Our Values

When going through the nursing school admissions process, it’s important that you relate to the institution’s values and feel a sense of pride incorporating them into your career. By graduating from the Nursing Department at Misericordia University, you’ll be prepared to deliver safe, effective patient care in a variety of health care settings, and work with an outlook grounded within the faith-based tenets of mercy, service, justice, and hospitality, whether you’re working alone or as part of a multidisciplinary health care team.

If you have chosen to become a nurse for reasons of money or job security rather than for reasons of service or altruism, then nursing probably isn’t the profession for you. While money and job security are important, having the desire to help people will prevent you from getting burnout from a job that’s not a great fit for you.

The Misericordia ABSN program places a high value on empathy and service because we think the finest nurses are those who genuinely care about helping others.

5. Timely Submission of Required Documents

At Misericordia, we look for applications that are complete, interesting, and arrive on time. Be sure to read the requirements thoroughly and follow the instructions. As a nurse, you’ll need to submit a lot of time-sensitive paperwork. Think of the application process as your first foray into the administrative duties of a working nurse.

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6. Utilize Resources

We want you to follow the ABSN application process, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. When you apply to our ABSN program, we assign you to a dedicated admissions counselor who will walk with you every step of the journey.

To determine whether you are a suitable fit for the program, your admissions counselor will first get to know you personally. When you chat to them, be ready to explain why you want to become a nurse and why you would be a good match for the program. They make it their top priority to ensure you have the skills necessary to thrive as a nursing student and beyond.

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Once you’re through the application process, here’s what to expect during your first semester of nursing school and beyond.

Never hesitate to ask for help or express any concerns you have regarding the application process or an accelerated nursing program in general. After all, your admissions counselor's role is to keep you on track and provide guidance so that you can submit the strongest application possible.

Get on the Faster Path to a Rewarding Nursing Career

Now is the time to get started with applying to an accelerated nursing program. By becoming a nurse, you’ll be entering into an exciting and rewarding field that allows you to connect with people in need and make a real difference in their lives.

If you’re ready to pursue this in-demand profession and want to learn more about how the Misericordia ABSN program can help you transition into the field in as few as 16 months, reach out to one of our admissions counselors by completing this form.