Now Enrolling: Misericordia's Accelerated BSN Program in Pittsburgh

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Now Enrolling: Misericordia University's Accelerated BSN Program in Pittsburgh

A nursing shortage exists nationwide, Pennsylvania included. To help meet this growing need, Misericordia University is offering a fast track to nursing for qualified students with existing non-nursing education with a new accelerated BSN program in Pittsburgh.

Between the state’s growing demand for nurses and the addition of our new nursing education center in Pittsburgh, there’s never been a better time — or place — for qualified students to enter the nursing profession. Our 16-month ABSN program just launched in Pittsburgh (which means there’s currently no waitlist) and is enrolling eligible candidates for its inaugural cohort in August 2019.

The program offers three start dates per year (January, May, and August) and involves a hybrid learning model that blends online coursework with onsite labs and clinical placements through top hospitals and health care facilities in Pittsburgh. Misericordia University’s ABSN program will also offer a student-centered learning environment that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and respect when treating patients while incorporating faith-based values into our curriculum.

Why Apply to Misericordia University’s ABSN Program?

We know you have many options to pursue your nursing education, so why consider the Misericordia University ABSN program in Pittsburgh?

For one, our Nursing Department has a nearly century-long tradition of preparing students to enter the profession with confidence. Our ABSN program advances that legacy to address a current community need — the nursing shortage — via our blended curriculum. Not to mention Pennsylvania offers plenty of opportunities for nurses thanks to the state’s high demand.

Additionally, while other nursing programs in Pittsburgh have limited capacity for enrollment that forces them to turn away students, Misericordia University’s Accelerated BSN program in Pittsburgh has spots available now for qualified students.

So how does our program work, exactly? Our values-based hybrid learning model is comprised of three primary components:

Online Coursework

Complete online ABSN coursework anytime, anywhere through an interactive e-Learning platform that allows you to:

  • Complete course assignments.
  • Read and listen to nursing material as often as you want.
  • Participate in simulated learning modules.
  • Interact with other students via discussion forums.
  • Join scheduled chat sessions with instructors.

Note: Although where and when you complete online coursework is flexible, you still must meet deadlines set out by instructors in course syllabi and sit for scheduled proctored exams at our nursing education center in Pittsburgh.

Onsite Skills and Simulation Labs

Our nursing education center in Pittsburgh will feature a skills and simulation lab, where you’ll use real hospital supplies and equipment to “treat” medical manikins in a mock clinical setting where it’s OK to make mistakes.

Under the guidance of highly experienced clinical instructors, you’ll also fine-tune basic nursing skills, such as:

  • Hand washing.
  • Bed changes.
  • Nasogastric tube placements.
  • Wound care.

Diverse Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations at top health care facilities and hospitals in Pittsburgh allow you to provide holistic patient care in a variety of real-world health care settings and gain confidence interacting with patients. As a Misericordia ABSN nursing student, you can expect to complete clinical rotations in:

  • Community health.
  • Mental health.
  • Obstetrics.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Psychiatric health.

Not only are clinicals the cornerstone of your nursing education, they also give you the opportunity to “try on” different areas of medicine and find your fit in the nursing world. If you already have an idea of what nursing specialty you’d like to pursue, diverse clinical rotations still benefit you, as they can broaden your skill set and experience level so you’re ready for a wide variety of health care settings once you graduate.

A History of Student Success

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1924, Misericordia University has upheld a tradition of offering students of all faiths a quality education, professional preparation, and service leadership for more than 90 years.

The University’s Nursing Department is one of the first and largest disciplines within Misericordia’s College of Health Sciences and Education. Framed within the context of faith-based values, it adheres to the tenets of mercy, service, justice, and hospitality and maintains high academic and professional standards.

As a student enrolled in our ABSN program, you can expect to receive an education that builds upon these values and prepares you to deliver safe, effective patient care in diverse settings, whether you’re working alone or as part of a multidisciplinary health care team.

That’s because the Misericordia Nursing Department has a proven track record of preparing students for rewarding nursing careers: In 2019, graduates of Misericordia University’s BSN ground programs had an NCLEX-RN® first-time pass rate of 96.23%, which exceeds the national average.

Nursing in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a prime destination for prospective registered nurses, large in part due to the region’s growing health care focus. In fact, the city anticipates a projected growth rate of 13 percent a year in the nursing profession between 2015 and 2025, according to a 2016 report.

Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Pennsylvania as having one of the highest compensation levels for this occupation, with an annual mean wage of $74,170 (as of May 2020).

Not to mention the city also offers a great mix of culture, outdoor activities, sports, and, most importantly, job opportunities, making it no surprise that Pittsburgh is ranked as a top job market for millennials.

Start Your Nursing Future with Us

Earning a BSN through Misericordia University’s Accelerated BSN program in Pittsburgh gives you the opportunity to change career paths and change lives. If you’re ready to put your existing non-nursing education toward a BSN and you meet our admissions requirements, we have a seat for you.

To see if you’re an ideal candidate for our accelerated BSN program in Pittsburgh, one of our dedicated admissions counselors will be happy to guide you through the admissions process.

But it all starts with you.

Contact an admissions counselor today at 866.885.6337 to be put on the fast track toward a rewarding degree and career as a Misericordia-educated nurse.